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Mingguang Sanyou Power, as a professional company that develops relays, is often asked where relays are used. Today, Mingguang Sanyou Power will share with you. Currently, relays are generally used in communications, industry, automobiles, home appliances, smart Home and other fields!

1. Industrial control relay

In industrial control, the main control functions are completed by general-purpose AC relays. Relays are usually driven by pushbuttons or limit switches. The contacts of the relay can control the solenoid valve, the larger starter motor, and the indicator light. The voltage is generally 24VDC, 220VAC.

The environmental conditions of industrial machinery installation must be considered. Running industrial machinery and nearby equipment always transmit some shock and vibration to the control cabinet; there is also the possibility of splashing cutting coolant. Usually equipment manufacturers take certain protection measures for control components, but these unfavorable environmental conditions should still be considered when selecting and designing relays.

2. Automotive field

The automotive industry uses relays more and more widely. The more common relays are: starter relay for starting the motor, horn relay, motor or generator circuit breaker relay, charging voltage and current regulation relay, change signal flash relay, light brightness control relay and air conditioning control relay, sliding door automatic opening and closing control Relay; window lift control relay.

3. Household appliances

In the field of household appliances, relays are used in washing machines, microwave ovens, air conditioners, electric heaters, etc.

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