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Mingguang Sanyou Power Technology Co., Ltd. is currently recruiting the following management personnel due to business needs:


80 general workers

Requirements: Male or female, 18 years old - 50 years old, assembly line work, Changbai shift, monthly salary of more than 3800 yuan.


3 PIE engineers

Requirements: Men and women are not limited, 22 years old or above, college degree or above, major in mechanical engineering and electronic technology, proficient in IE techniques, on-site follow-up ability, quickly deal with abnormal production lines, and basic computer software.


1 electrical engineer

Requirements: Male, college degree or above, major in electrical and electromechanical, familiar with PLC programming related work experience, have strong work enthusiasm and can accept certain work pressure, and equipment design experience is preferred.


1 pickling engineer

Requirements: Male, college degree or above, fresh graduates are acceptable, and related sewage treatment majors are preferred.


2 technicians

Requirements: Male, technical secondary school or above, strong sense of responsibility, experience in related machine maintenance is preferred.


Address: East of Wuyi Road and south of Lingji Avenue behind Wanhao Building Materials Market, Mingguang City

Five insurances and one housing fund, education allowance, seniority allowance, birthday benefits, annual festival benefits, year-end bonuses, free Chinese meals, and dormitories (with separate toilets, washstands, air conditioning, hot water, TV, and wireless internet).

Tel: 0550-8681777 ext. 6105 or 6101 6106 15655030831 (same number on WeChat)

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