Sanyou Lianzhong Group and Chuzhou Machinery Industry School "School-Enterprise Joint School-running Signing and Sanyou Lianzhong Young Eagle Class Unveiling Ceremony" was successfully held



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  In order to actively respond to the country's call for deepening school-enterprise cooperation, cultivate high-quality and high-skilled application-oriented talents for enterprises, and provide more space for school students to practice, training and employment, and promote communication between schools and enterprises, Explore the long-term mechanism of school-enterprise cooperation.

  At 10:00 in the morning of July 10, 2018, the "School-Enterprise Joint School Signing Contract and Sanyou Lianzhong Young Eagle Class Unveiling Ceremony" between Sanyou Lianzhong Group and Chuzhou Machinery Industry School was grandly held in the conference room on the fourth floor of the school's comprehensive building. Mingguang Municipal People's Government Deputy Mayor Si Xuejun, Deputy Mayor Zhang Yan, Chairman of Sanyou Lianzhong Group Song Chaoyang, Human Resources Director Liu Wei, General Manager of Mingguang Sanyou Business Unit Liu Genyun, Deputy General Manager Li Hui and Mingguang Economic Development Zone The management committee, the Mingguang Education and Sports Bureau, the Mingguang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and the responsible comrades of the Chuzhou Machinery Industry School attended the signing and unveiling ceremony.

  The signing and unveiling ceremony was presided over by the Deputy Mayor of the Division. First of all, on behalf of the Mingguang Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, he extended a warm welcome to Mr. Song and his delegation, and wished the signing and unveiling ceremony a complete success.

  Then, on behalf of the school, Principal Zhu thanked the leaders and entrepreneurs for coming to today's ceremony during their busy schedules, and introduced the negotiation with our company for cooperation in running a school and the progress. It is hoped that the school and enterprises will continue to innovate the school-enterprise cooperation system and mechanism, and effectively Integrate educational resources and corporate resources, develop school-enterprise cooperation projects in an all-round way, and establish a new combination of production and education; Li Changyi, secretary and director of the Mingguang Municipal Education and Sports Committee, expressed strong support for the signing on behalf of the Education and Sports Bureau, and hoped that enterprises will Taking advantage of market, technology and other advantages, the school should work hard to deepen the reform of the curriculum system, and finally form a good situation of strong alliance, mutual benefit and win-win situation, and become a successful example of Mingguang vocational education reform to provide talent training for other enterprises.

  Immediately, Mr. Song Chaoyang, chairman of the group, made a wonderful speech on the signing and unveiling ceremony. First of all, Mr. Song thanked the leaders at all levels in Mingguang City for their high attention and strong support for this school-enterprise cooperation signing and unveiling ceremony. He particularly emphasized the importance of vocational education, and school-enterprise cooperation is an important way to promote the rapid development of vocational education and provide quality services to the regional economy. This school-enterprise cooperation is an in-depth exploration of the joint training of enterprises, colleges and universities, and talents. In-depth cooperation is carried out in curriculum construction, technology research and development, social training, teacher exchanges, etc., to achieve a win-win situation for schools, enterprises and talents.

  Finally, Deputy Mayor Zhang pointed out that through school-enterprise cooperation, the advantages of technology and equipment of enterprises and the advantages of human resources of mechanical industry schools will be brought into play to provide a strong talent guarantee for the development of enterprises that attract investment in our city. It is also the promotion of vocational education in our city under the new situation. The rapid development is an important measure to improve the training method of skilled talents in our city.

  After all the leaders finished their speeches, Mr. Liu Wei, director of human resources of the group, signed a strategic framework agreement on school-enterprise joint training on behalf of the company and Zhu Shiping, president of Chuzhou Machinery Industry School; Mr. Song Chaoyang, chairman of the group, and Zhang Yan, deputy mayor of Mingguang City, jointly signed the " The Sanyou Alliance Young Eagle Class" was unveiled.

  The successful holding of the school-enterprise joint school-running signing and the unveiling ceremony of the Sanyou Alliance Young Eagle Class has laid the foundation for further cooperation between the school and the enterprise. The enterprise provides the school with a place for internship and scientific research practice, and the school recommends the most suitable reserve talents to the enterprise. Only by close cooperation between schools and enterprises can we serve enterprises and lead the industry.

  The future enterprise competition will be the competition of talents and technologies. Both parties should focus on the development goal of mutual benefit and win-win, and continuously push forward the cooperation between the school and the enterprise. It is believed that in the next few years, the road of cooperation between Sanyou Lianzhong Group and Chuzhou Machinery Industry School will become wider and better, and comprehensively achieve win-win cooperation in multiple fields!

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