Warm congratulations to Mingguang Wanjia Lianzhong Electronics Co., Ltd. officially put into production



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"One year old is removed in the sound of firecrackers, and the spring breeze brings warmth into Tusu." In the atmosphere of the Year of the Horse, the Mingguang Wanjia Lianzhong Base of Sanyou Lianzhong Group was officially put into operation.

Mingguang Wanjia Lianzhong Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in the east of Wuyi Road in Mingguang Industrial Park, south of Lingji Avenue, west of the southern section of Hanshan North Road, and north of the west edge of Liuwan Road. It is 2 kilometers away from Mingguang Sanyou Industrial Park. The total investment exceeds 120 million yuan, covers an area of 100,000 square meters, and has a staff of nearly 1,000 people. It is a key cultivation enterprise in Mingguang City. The factory was constructed in September 2012. The first phase of the project (a two-story 16,000-square-meter factory building and a six-story 5,284-square-meter dormitory) was completed in September 2013, the decoration was completed at the end of 2013, and it was officially put into operation in early 2014.

Formed the Wanjia brand magnetic latching relay manufacturing center with Mingguang as the main production base, with an annual production capacity of over 30 million pieces. There are garden-style workshops, first-class working environment, industry-leading equipment, and excellent technical management team. We look forward to people with lofty ideals to join us and create greater glories with us.

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