Warm congratulations to Mingguang Wanjia for winning the "High-tech Enterprise" in Anhui Province



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Recently, Mingguang Wanjia Lianzhong Electronics Co., Ltd. has successfully passed the certification of high-tech enterprises. For a long time, Mingguang Wanjia has always adhered to the market-oriented, scientific research as the driving force, and technology as the support, continued to increase capital investment, and continuously improved the independent innovation ability of the enterprise. This further proves the correctness and effectiveness of the Group's development strategy for Mingguang Wanjia. Mingguang Wanjia will take this opportunity to further accelerate the pace of independent innovation and continuously enhance the technological competitiveness of its products; continue to adhere to the market-oriented new product development direction, strive to improve product quality and performance, and enhance product market competitiveness; Improve the comprehensive management level of enterprises and make full use of the relevant policies of high-tech enterprises, so that Mingguang Wanjia's scientific and technological innovation level and enterprise efficiency will reach a new level.

"High-tech enterprises" is an important measure implemented by the state to promote the transformation of high-tech achievements, and at the same time to encourage outstanding enterprises to become independent innovation capability, adjust industrial structure, transform development mode, and lead my country's "high-tech enterprises" to leapfrog development. The identification of high-tech enterprises is strictly evaluated from four aspects: the core independent intellectual property rights of the enterprise, the transformation ability of scientific and technological achievements, the organization and management level of research and development, and the growth indicators. "High-tech enterprise" certification is a powerful proof of the company's scientific research strength and scientific research level. After the "high-tech enterprise" is successfully recognized, it will also enjoy a series of preferential policies for tax reduction and exemption provided by the state, as well as the protection of the company's independent intellectual property rights. It plays an important role in promoting market expansion, intellectual property rights, industry status and brand image enhancement.

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