Features: ◇ Low height is only 15.7 ◇ The dielectric surface between the coil and the contact reaches 5000V. ◇ Passed TV-8 specification (UL certification). ◇ Compatible with reflow soldering (Pin-in-Paste process). ◇ 16A contact switching capability.


Features: ◇ 16A contact switching capability ◇ High surge current capability 141A ◇ Low power consumption, pulse drive ◇ Meet IEC61810 reinforced insulation requirements ◇ Meet IEC60335-1 glow wire and CTI250V


Features: ◇ High contact capacity: 15A contact switching capability ◇ Low coil power consumption: single-coil magnetic holding: about 0.4W; double-coil magnetic holding: about 0.8W


Features: ◇ 20A contact switching capability ◇ Magnetic Latching Relay ◇ Environmentally friendly products (RoHS compliant) ◇ The dielectric withstand voltage between the contact and the coil is 5KV ◇ Available with single coil and double coil


Features: ◇ 5A/10A contact switching capability ◇ Low power consumption ◇ Withstand voltage shock: 8KV (1.2/50US) ◇ Environmentally friendly products (RoHS compliant) ◇ Dimensions: 20.6mm × 10.2mm × 15.7mm

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